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Ultimate Guide To The South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2023

While most of the country is dealing with freezing temperatures and snowfall, we can’t help but dream about the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami that’s right around the corner. The delicious food, the endless cocktails, the never-ending sunshine–what’s not to love about one of the tastiest events of the year?


The four-day festival takes place from February 23 through the 26th this year and is expected to bring in over 60,000 people. And with over 90 different festival events, planning your trip may feel overwhelming. That’s why Hoken is here to break it down for you so you can feel prepared to eat and drink your heart out.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2023 New Events

The festival–which has been held every year for the past 22 years–develops new events each year to help introduce locals and visitors to all of Miami’s hottest chefs, restaurants, and bars. We’re breaking down some of the newest additions this year, so you can make sure to stop by and check them out.

Craft-y Happy Hour and Bites at Bayshore Club

On February 24th, from 5-7:30 PM, you can get into the vacation state of mind at Bayshore Club, a new waterfront restaurant and bar. The site was once the first continental naval air station and quickly became a hot picnic spot thanks to its stunning views. “Vanderpump Rules” stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval will be making an appearance alongside a menu of craft cocktails and tasty bites.

Smorgasburg After Dark

Miami is known for its nightlife once the sun goes down, and this late-night event is no exception. Sixty of South Florida’s best food vendors will be serving their signature dishes and drinks, while Grammy winner Rev Run will be hosting and blasting music to keep the energy up all night long.

Overtown EatUp!

This year’s SOBEWFF is all about celebrating African American culture, and Harlem’s rich community of food, arts, and culture is the highlight of the Overtown EatUp! Event. Hosted by James Beard Award-winning TV personality, and 2020 SOBEWFF Tribute Dinner honoree Marcus Samuelsson, this event is going to serve up vibrant flavors with a side of jazz. You’ll be transported back to an era where they drank gimlets regularly while Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis crooned their famous melodies.

Tea Dance and Drag Show

To get the full Miami experience, head to the Tea Dance and Drag Show on February 26th. Grammy-winning Motown artist Thelma Houston will partner up with Athena Dio, the host and producer of R House Wynwood’s weekend drag brunches, for an afternoon of singing, dancing, sass, and a whole lot of food and drinks.

Tips For SOBEWFF 2023

Plan Ahead of Time

Because there is no general admission ticket for this event, ticket prices vary depending on the events you choose to attend. This is why it’s best to map out all of the events you are interested in before arriving, so you can get an idea of the costs and the locations. It’s also highly recommended that you buy your tickets before you get there, as many events sell out. When mapping out your schedule, take note of the locations of the events you want to attend. Some may be farther away from each other than you anticipate, so factor in travel time between them. Additionally, check the festival’s website or social media pages for any updates or changes to the schedule, as this can impact your plans.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

While it may be tempting to dress fashionably (including the wedges you bought specifically for Miami), it’s best to dress comfortably and wear shoes that you can walk around in all day long. Many of the events, such as The Grand Tasting Village, take place on the beach, and wearing the wrong shoes can lead you to trip all over yourself if you’re not careful–especially when alcohol is involved. Consider the terrain you will be walking on, as some events may be held on sand, grass, or other uneven surfaces. Also, keep in mind the weather forecast and choose shoes accordingly. Watch out for those flash Miami showers!

Pace Yourself

The whole point of a food and wine festival is to try samples of countless bites and beverages. Overdoing it on the drinking is far too easy when you are constantly being offered a taste of some kind of alcoholic beverage. And it doesn’t help that the hot Florida sun can lead to dehydration quicker if you’re not used to the warm climate. The last thing you want is to be dragged back to your hotel by your friends and miss half of the events. Don’t feel the need to chug drinks, and make sure you’re staying hydrated with plenty of water.  Many events offer small bites, but it’s important to also have a full meal at some point to keep your energy up. And while it may be tempting to try everything, prioritize the dishes and drinks that interest you the most to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Wear Sunscreen

Speaking of the Florida sun, it’s absolutely imperative that you lather up in sunscreen. Spending 6+ hours outside can lead to a really painful sunburn if you’re not careful. That sunburn can also lead to sun poisoning or dehydration if it gets bad enough. And don’t forget to protect your lips, ears, and any other exposed areas with sunscreen or protective clothing.

Consider Ubering

If your hotel isn’t near the venue, it’s worth scoping out the parking situation beforehand if you’re planning on driving. There are cheaper parking garages. They just may take some digging to find. If you don’t, you may get stuck paying far more. This is why we highly suggest that you take an Uber. Have it drop you off near the venue, and walk the rest of the way to avoid the traffic. If you do decide to drive, be aware that parking can be limited and expensive. Some hotels may offer shuttle services to and from the festival, so check with your accommodations to see if this is an option. And if you do choose to use a rideshare service, make sure to schedule your pickup location in advance to avoid any confusion.

Keep Your Phone Charged

The festival is packed with photo-ops, Instagram-worthy food, celebrity chefs, and celebrities. That means you’re going to want to be ready to take pictures at all times. While a camera is ideal, if you don’t feel like lugging one around, your phone’s camera works too. Because of this, you want to keep charged at all times. Bring a portable charger and cord to quickly charge up in those moments of need. In addition to a portable charger, consider bringing a backup battery or extra charging cord in case one fails. And while it may be tempting to constantly use your phone to document the festival, take breaks to enjoy the experience without distractions. Consider setting your phone to “do not disturb” mode during certain events to fully “Own the Moment”.

Where To Stay For The Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2023

Miami is a hot spot for boutique hotels. In fact, there are so many options that choosing the right one for your stay may seem like a headache. Hoken’s done the work for you and rounded up 10 of the best hotels in Miami Beach to book this year.


Once you’re ready to get your accommodations booked, scroll down to the “Featured Events” on our website, click on “South Beach Wine & Food Festival,” and choose from some of the hottest hotels around. And the best part? If you change your mind or your trip falls through, we can help you resell the room, so you’re not losing money!And don’t forget to protect your lips, ears, and any other exposed areas with sunscreen or protective clothing.

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