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How To Find Last Minute Hotel Deals

No matter how much money you have in the bank, you probably love a good deal. Traveling can be expensive at times, but that shouldn’t hold you back from doing it. If you know where to look, you can find some great deals on hotels and flights. That means you can travel the world without breaking the bank. Who wouldn’t want that?


However, we understand that there are countless sites and apps out there these days, and knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Here at Hoken, we want to help you save as much money as possible, which is why we’re helping break down how to find last-minute hotel deals so you can enjoy a getaway.

How To Find Last Minute Hotel Deals

Keep Your Dates Flexible

First and foremost, it’s important that you’re flexible with your travel dates. We understand that this isn’t doable for everyone due to work and other responsibilities. But searching different weekends and dates may help you unlock deals you wouldn’t typically find if you have a fixed schedule. This is especially true if you’re able to travel during the week.

Be Open Minded

On top of being flexible with your dates, keeping an open mind and being flexible when it comes to the kind of lodging or room you’re looking for can also help. For example, if you prefer a queen-sized bed but there’s an option for a double bed, find out what both cost. If you don’t mind the smaller sleeping arrangements, you may be able to score a cheaper rate.

Become A Rewards Member

Being a rewards/loyalty member pays off. If you have a hotel chain you truly love, consider becoming a regular anytime you travel. Not only does this allow you to accumulate reward points, but it also may give you access to cheaper rates, bundled extras, late checkout, and more. This also goes for memberships such as AAA and AARP.

Book Through A Travel Credit Card

Booking through a travel credit card’s portal allows you to earn travel points for future travel while potentially guaranteeing that they’ll price match. For example, if you have the Capitol One Venture or Venture X card, booking through their travel portal allows you to snag the reservation and then search for a cheaper rate. If you find it, they’ll credit the difference back to your account while still allowing you to earn travel points for future trips.

Consider Booking Packages

If you know that you’re going to need both a hotel and a flight, look into booking the two together. You can often find great deals by booking all of these travel expenses (flights, hotels, car rentals, etc.) at one time. Sites like Costco Travel, Kayak, Priceline, and Expedia are great for this.

Use Internet Extensions

If you’re booking online using one of the sites that we mention, you may be able to score even bigger deals using internet extensions like Honey or Rakuten. They round up discount codes that you can use on sites to help you get a percentage off your final booking price. This means you don’t have to search high and low for a promo code that may not even work. They do it for you.


Check with the Hotel Directly

Some hotels offer last-minute deals on their own website or over the phone. You can also ask about any special promotions or discounts they may have available.

Checking the hotel’s website can also be beneficial, as some hotels offer exclusive discounts and promotions for guests who book directly through their site. Additionally, some hotels have mobile apps that offer special rates and discounts for last-minute bookings.


Use Metasearch Price Comparison Websites

Sites like Google, Kayak and Skyscanner allow you to compare prices across multiple booking platforms, including last-minute deals. These websites allow for a quick comparison of price and features by price range, star rating, location, and other amenities to find the best deal for your needs.

Sites To Find Cheap Hotel Deals


HotelTonight was specifically created to help you find last minute hotel deals. It scans thousands of offers to find you the cheapest rates possible. Whether you’re looking for a deal tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend, you can find hotels in cities all over the country for cheap. And if you become a member by signing up for their app, they offer secret deals and allow you to build up your rank, which unlocks even better rates. Not to mention that when you invite friends to the app using your promo code, you both get $25 off your next booking when they book.


If you’ve done any kind of traveling, you’ve likely heard of Skyscanner before. That’s because the site is true to its word–it scans the web for cheap flights. But it’s not just good for airline tickets. It’s also been known to have cheap hotels. The minute you input a city, it pulls up results that allow you to compare the price amongst different sites. From there, you can book through the cheapest option.


Hotels.com is by far one of the best all-purpose travel sites out there. It’s extremely easy to use and offers hotel deals worldwide. And although it may look like every other travel website out there, the thing that sets it apart is the constant sales it has. If you’re a member (which is free), you have access to secret prices and secret sales. Their members average at least 15% savings on all of their bookings. Plus, they offer thousands of refundable choices and a reward program that gets you a free night stay for every ten nights you book a hotel through them.


This list wouldn’t be complete without Expedia. The travel site does it all. Book stays, flights, and cars, or build packages based on your needs. You’ll find discounted rates for top hotels all over the world, and many are fully refundable and/or “reserve now, pay later.”


If you’ve been eyeing a vacation to catch one of your favorite events (Taylor Swift or Coachella, anyone?), Hoken is here to set you up with an affordable hotel that’s close to it all. Simply scroll down to the “Featured Events” tab, find the event you’re looking for, and find the hotel you need. It really is that simple. That way, you can spend more time picking out the perfect outfit and less time struggling to find a place to stay.


And the best part? If your last minute trip falls through, you can list your room for sale so you’re not losing out on money–just like you’d do with a concert ticket.


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